Every project is unique and a custom quote will be created for each. Initial consultation and preparation of a quote for any project is always free so don't hesitate to contact me to see what your project might cost. These samples could be helpful to give you some ballpark costs for various types of projects. My freelance rate is $50 an hour and I work either hourly or by flat rate, depending on the scope and nature of the project.

Website Hosting

I can host and register affordable websites perfect for businesses, artists or individuals. Sometimes it is much nicer to call someone you know to resolve your website issue rather then to try and navigate your way through a complex phone tree, or to try explain over email what your problem is, when you are not even sure how to describe it. If any web problem arises you can always contact me and I will promptly assist in resolving the issue. I lease space on HostGator, one of the world's top 10 largest web hosting companies. If you do some research you will find I have very competitive hosting rates.

Basic Site - $35 a year
Basic package includes ample storage space for artists with medium sized portfolios and average business websites with up to 3 email accounts.

Graphics Site - $75 a year
Graphics package includes ample storage space for photographers, artists with large portfolios and complex business sites with up to 10 email accounts.

Domain Registration: $15 a year. I can take care of registering and updating your domain name registration annually for you.

Hosting, Email and Domain Registration setup fee: $45. A onetime fee to get your domain name register and pointing to the right servers, your website set up and ready for content, and your email accounts all set up.


Website Design

I can build static informational sites or sites integrated with CMS systems like Wordpress for easy client updating and blogging. I can build business websites with shopping carts and inventory tracking systems. Simple websites based on existing templates can be as inexpensive as $350 for hosting, design and training. The more customization and the more bells and whistles needed, the higher the cost. Initial consultation and preparation of a quote for any project is always free so don't hesitate to contact me to see what your project might cost.

Sample Packages:
Here are some sample rate sheets for some affordable simple web packages:

Artists Wordpress Web Site & Hosting Package: $350
Small Static Web Site & Hosting Package: $350
Basic Business Web Site & Hosting Package: $550

More complex websites with integrated shopping cart systems, online registration and ticketing systems or complex event calendars can run anywhere between $600 - $2,700.



Illustrations vary in cost depending on the type of illustration and style.

spot illustrations: 30 minutes - 2 hours
children's book illustration: 1 - 8 hours per page
poster illustration: 2 - 4 hours
vector graphic: 1- 4 hours
t-shirt/silk-screen graphic preparation 1 - 8 hours


Graphic Design

Graphic design projects vary wildly, and will be quoted on a per project basis, but here are some price ranges of some standard projects.

logo design: 2 - 18 hours
business cards: 1 - 4 hours
brochure: 2 - 12 hours
newsletter: 4 - 12 hours
postcard: 2 - 6 hours
poster: 2 - 8 hours
e-book conversion: 2 - 20 hours
self publish book file preparation: 10 - 80 hours


Motion Graphics/Animation/Projection Design

Video work is time consuming! Each project varies in price and scope and depends on how much shooting and editing is involved and if there is source material to work with or if that also need to be shot or created. Here are some ballpark numbers to give you some ideas on the potential costs.

simple two minute informational video: 10 - 30 hours
animation: 6 - 20 hours per minute
music video: 20 - 80 hours
two minute motion graphics based promotional piece: 4 - 16 hours
projection design as a backdrop for a 2 hour concert: 3 - 6 weeks (120 - 340 hours)
(Sixties Chicks as an example)


Interior Design

Here are some examples of time spent on some big interior design projects that I have done recently where I not only designed the space but was also the project manager and implemented the design.

Cascadia Grill: 180 hours.
Reworking an existing space, project management, drafting plans for city permits and construction crew, designing lighting fixtures and installation, designing and implementing custom artwork.

Swing Wine Bar: 450 hours.
Full restaurant design and layout, construction drawings for carpenters and city permits, color selection, custom artwork design and creation, electrical layout and plan, light fixture selection and installation, coordinating with artists and contractors for custom artwork, artistic painting.

The Sipperie: 80 hours.
Layout design, construction drawings, color scheme, logo and sign design, menu design, and project management for a coffee shop inside the Yarn Garden, a busy yarn store in Portland, OR.

Kitchen Remodel: 120 hours.
Full redesign of residential kitchen including layout, custom cabinet design, construction drawings, plans for city permits, fixture research, color palette, tile, etc.


Scenic Design

Scenic design is generally contracted by flat rate. Projects range from $200 for a simple set with a few cut out flats to $3,000 for a full main stage set.

Lighting Design

Lighting Design fees range from $200 for a simple production with limited lighting resources to $1,500 for a main stage production.