Projection Design/Motion Graphics

I have been professionally designing projections for concerts, dance and theater since 1995. I create stop motion animations, animate still photos, and creatively composite historical footage. Using multiple projectors and live video feeds I program complex real-time video events. I create interactive video that responds to motion or sound. I am excellent at conceiving, shooting and editing promotional movies.



Projection & Lighting design for Sixties Chicks,
a musical mosaic of the singers and songwriters who gave a female voice to an era of social and political transformation.
Harlequin Productions, 2009


Opening sequence of Sixties Chicks, concert projection design. The concept was rolling back the clock from present day (2009) to 1945, the end of WWII and the start of the baby boom. The images were projected on a screen behind the band.




Samples of short promo movies that ran in the box office at Harlequin Productions to promote upcoming productions.



Introduction projection for Summer in the Sixties, concert projection design. The theme for this song explored the working class getting swept up in the advances of the late 60's, but still working hard to get by. Song: Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull