Jill Carter

I am an artist in a variety of mediums. I thrive on collaboration and the creative process. I excel at designing innovative solutions that can be implemented on time and within budget. I am adept at communicating design concepts to clients and collaborators. I enjoy hard work and get great satisfaction from solving unique design challenges.






Graphic/ Web Design and Illustration:
I am a dedicated graphic/ web designer and illustrator. I design and program websites. I create logos, scalable vector graphics and children's book illustrations. I can prepare books for self publishing. I can art direct promo photo shoots, conceive promotional videos, design promotional advertising campaigns. I am a print designer experienced in creating newsletters, postcards, business cards, t-shirts and posters.

I am a passionate motion graphics and projection designer, accomplished at creating original projection and animations for concerts or theatrical productions. I make promotional movies, animate stills, composite word art, make short web promotions, create stop motion animations, and author DVDs.

Interior Design:
I am a unique interior designer, bringing a more theatrical perspective to the design aesthetic, often looking for distinctive and inexpensive solutions to make high-impact design statements. I am a hands-on designer comfortable working closely with contractors, inspectors, carpenters and electricians to ensure the design is meeting all specifications and requirements.

Theater Design:
I am an accomplished theater designer with many years experience doing scenic, lighting and projection designs. I am an excellent model builder and scenic artist. I can draft ground plans and construction drawings by hand or computer and draft in 3-D.

Project Manager:
I am an excellent collaborator and team leader. I am very practiced and proficient at time, budget and personnel management for the creative process – from design concept through implementation. I am as comfortable managing 25 employees and a $500,000 annual budget as I am working 1 on 1 with someone who has an extremely limited budget. I am a visionary, coming up with time-saving solutions to assist with paperwork management. I am very good at foreseeing problems and working toward a solution before the problem escalates. I am considered a great motivator, often able to lead a crew to accomplish more than they thought was possible.

I am really pretty good at just about anything I set my mind to, although I am not a great speller. But I still can play a killer game of Scrabble!



I have been making things my whole life. I grew up on a farm in Dixonville, a small town in Southern Oregon. I was a visual artist all through school. Then I went to college at The Evergreen State College in Olympia and found a job as a scenic artist in theater. I was so excited to learn how to do what I had always done - painting - but just do it much, much bigger! Then I realized what an amazing collaborative environment theater was and I soon was hooked. I started learning how to be a scenic artist, lighting designer and set designer. I went to San Francisco and landed a highly sought after Scenic Design Internship at the American Conservatory Theater


I came back to Olympia, started working at Evergreen and moved up to become their Technical Director for the Performing and Media Arts for several years. While at Evergreen, I taught courses in scenic design and drafting, mask-making, scenic painting and lighting design. I then moved to Harlequin Productions to be their Production Manager. I continued to freelance as a scenic, lighting and media designer. I have been designing professionally for theater since 1988.


I soon realized that interior design and scenic design were very related fields and began to produce a few interior design projects for Swing Wine Bar, Cascadia Grill, The Lucky Lunchbox in Olympia and the Yarn Garden in Portland Oregon and for Fremont Mischief Distillery in Seattle. I really enjoy the process of creating a physical environment that evokes a desired mood for a restaurant or retail space, while at the same time utilizing my long practiced theater skills of making things look great on a budget.



Here is my resume.



Since I work from home and have little overhead, I think you will find that my freelance rates are incredibly reasonable, especially when compared to most graphic or interior design firms. Check out my rates page.